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DOMINION NATIONAL IS A LEADING INSURER AND ADMINISTRATOR OF DENTAL AND VISION BENEFITS. We seek a better way to serve you, so you can focus on what makes you extraordinary and fulfilled.

How do I arrange for specialty care?

Select Plan, ePPO and Discount Program members should get a referral from their general dentist. The dentist will evaluate your condition and refer you to a participating specialist as needed.

PPO members may receive services from any licensed dentist, including specialists, without a referral from a general dentist. For maximum benefits at the lowest cost, members should visit a participating Dominion dentist. To learn more about in-network savings, visit DominionNational.com/EOB and select “In-Network Advantages” in the PPO section.

Below are some examples and descriptions of various dental specialists.

  • Endodontist: Treats the roots and nerves of teeth.
  • Oral Surgeon: Treats problems related to the hard and soft tissues of the face, mouth and jaws.
  • Orthodontist: Treats malocclusion and other neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities of the teeth and their surrounding structures.
  • Pediatric dentist: Treats children from birth through adolescence. Provides primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care. Formerly known as a pedodontist.
  • Periodontist: Treats diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth.
  • Prosthodontist: Restores natural teeth and replaces missing teeth with artificial substitutes.
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