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DOMINION NATIONAL IS A LEADING INSURER AND ADMINISTRATOR OF DENTAL AND VISION BENEFITS. We seek a better way to serve you, so you can focus on what makes you extraordinary and fulfilled.

Maximum access, convenience and flexibility.

  • Traditional Indemnity and PPO Plans, Scheduled PPO Plans and Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plans.
  • Members may use any licensed dentist or choose from over 350,000 participating dentist listings nationwide for improved coverage – over 36,000 in the Mid-Atlantic1 region alone.
  • Out-of-network services are reimbursed at client’s desired level.
  • Unique plan features include an additional annual cleaning for diabetics and expectant mothers, rollover maximum dollar limit credits, implant coverage, extended dependent age limits and diagnostic and preventive care expenses not counting toward the annual maximum.
  • 99.5% of all claims are paid directly to the dentist.2 Claims are filed by PPO network dentists on the member’s behalf.
  • Custom plans are available on request. 

Customizable elements include:

  • In-Network/Out-of-Network Percentage Coverage
  • Adjustable Benefit Levels by Service Category
  • Deductibles and Annual Maximums (Including Rollover Maximum Benefits)
  • Waiting Periods
  • Dependent Age Limits
  • Additional Cleaning Per Year for Expectant Mothers and Diabetics
  • Other Procedures (Including Implants and Posterior Composite Fillings)

Contact our Group Service Center at 877.559.9624 for a quote or to enroll a group today!

1 Mid-Atlantic includes D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
2 Dominion National Internal Performance Report, 2021.

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